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Chicken Palace Restaurant is located in 33 Caldmore Green Walsall WS1 3RW, is the place for you and all you need to do is decide what you want to eat. We have all those favourite dishes such as Burgers, Nuggets.....Read more

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£15.99(8pcs) £18.99(12pcs)

8 or 12 Chicken Strips

3 Mini Burgers, 4 Fries

Choice of Dip

1.5ltr Bottle

of Drink

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8 Pcs Chicken

6 Spicy Wings

4 Regular Fries

& 1.5 ltr Drink

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8 Pcs Chicken Strips

8 Wings

2 Fillet Burgers,

2 Chicken Strips Warp,

2 Mini Burger,

4 Fries and 1.5 Bottle of pepsi

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6 Pcs Chicken

6 Spicy Wings

2 Fillet Burger

2 Chicken Wraps

4 Regular Fries

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More collection offers available inside the shop.Price may change any time without any prior notice.

Before you leave the shop check your food and change,after leaving the shop we don’t take any responsibility.

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